Jackie Miao

360° + livestreaming influencer, chef, polyglot, community builder, entrepreneur, futurist.

Jackie is Managing Owner of Leisurer LLC, a Seattle-based lifestyle content company, and digital consultancy specializing in live video and 360 VR storytelling. A former travel operator, 3x restaurateur, and hospitality marketing consultant from Malaysian Borneo, Jackie is best known as the founder behind Dining Happy on social media. She has a total of 25K+ followers on social media, and her content has been experienced by more than 2 million people.

Jackie’s international and unique background is the inspiration behind her love for world cuisines, languages, accents and the sharing of cross-cultural stories on multiple social platforms. She primarily broadcasts on Facebook, Periscope, Instagram, and Snapchat. Endearingly referred to by her fans as “The Singing Chef,” Jackie teaches her audience to cook the world on a plate on live video, which she also serves a side of crooning, and tongue-in-cheek comedy.

She aims to craft distinct experiences that are novel, entertaining and educationally valuable to her community of international foodies, and culture enthusiasts. By community demand, she wrote and launched her first cookbook “My Favorite Asian Rice Bowls,” in January 2017.

Ultimately, Jackie’s life mission is to create more peace, love, and happiness by sharing joy to those in need of positivity in their lives. She often combines her passion for multiculturalism with purpose in her broadcasts. Her shows have touched, uplifted, and inspired viewers to embrace, celebrate and experience the beauty of cultural diversity and inclusion.

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