“Happy Food” is a revolutionary educational cooking show that brings together light-hearted comedy, diversity and holistic deliciousness to create the ultimate dining experience for you and your family.

Hosted by Jackie Miao, Happy Food aims to serve and enrich the lives of those who enjoy positive dining experiences. From eating foods that boost the production of the “happy hormone,” to laughing along at the silliness of her idiosyncrasies, you will appreciate and learn much from the Asian fusion chef who always dines happy.

A former restauranteur, Jackie uses her background in food services, tourism, and languages to promote understanding, friendship, and ultimately, love amongst people of different cultural backgrounds on Periscope and Snapchat. She is currently the #1 Snapchatter in the Entertainment category on Ghostcodes, and Periscopes daily on @DiningHappy. She truly believes that sharing delicious international foods and sharing laughter is the answer to the world’s convoluted problems. Join her on @LoveInActionTV every Tuesday for HAPPY FOOD from 4pm-5pm. Her inaugural debut is on October 25th, 2016.

Episode 1: Wasabi Deviled Eggs with Sesame Furikake

(Watch Replay | 1:03:23 | 1,800 viewers) Halloween Special Debut | Air date: Oct 25th, 2016

In Episode 1, Jackie introduces the Happy Food concept, and what it means to be Dining Happy on @LoveInActionTV. From how eating the right and wrong foods affect our moods, to practical steps to add more happy foods into our diets, she will share one of her crowd-pleasing party-favorites to make for Halloween.

Episode 2: Malaysian Nyonya Chicken Curry

(Watch Replay | 58:56 | 1,571 viewers) Air date: Nov 1st, 2016

Happiness lies in eating foods that promote the production of happy hormones. In episode 2, Jackie cooks an organic spicy chicken curry dish. She uses tryptophan-rich chicken to help with serotonin production, and adds a healthy serving of spicy to affect an endorphin rush.

Episode 3: Korean Bison Seaweed Soup with Brown Rice / Miyeokguk

Air date: Nov 15, 2016

Episode 4: Mystery French Dish (Thanksgiving Special)

Air date: Nov 22, 2016

Episode 5: Salmon Teriyaki with Zaru Soba

Air date: Nov 29, 2016

Episode 6: Walnut Banana Foster

Air date: Dec 6, 2016

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